The simplicity for the turning of prototypes and small series, the technology for the performance, this mini-lathe is available in 2 versions : standard and Pack Pro

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Download the PDF file : CNC MINI LATHE 4T

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The strengths

• ISO programming, industry standard.

• Allows the main turning operations (trimming, turning grooving, boring, drilling, threading, tapping follow up of complex profiles).

• Continuous variation of the spindle speed allowing the milling at constant cutting speed.

• Allows the milling at constant feed rate.

• Automatic turret with 4 or 8 tools (in option).

• Automated tools measuring with 4 keys probe.

• Reversing of the direction rotation of the spindle by program.

• Design and ergonomics.

• Compact dimensions.

• Graphic and automatic programming by CAD software.

• Simplicity of use and taking over perfect for the prototyping and the small series.

• Turning of soft materials and soft metals (brass, aluminium…).

• Compliant with the European safety directives


Versions Chuck (mm) Turret tools-holder Turret indexing Manual mobile headstock
Standard lathe Ø 80 2 positions In option Manual
Pack pro lathe Ø 125 4 positions In standard Automatic