Efficiency and accuracy of the water jet cutting are now combined in a compact size dedicated to « makers » and to the world of training.

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Download the PDF file : LABJET

The LABJET is the only machine with industrial performances and affordable budget for FABLAB and the world of education.

Proposed with a high-pressure pump 4136 bars - 10 or 20 HP, this machine allows the pure water cutting of soft materials or abrasive water cutting for hard materials.

Compact and easy to use, the LABJET enables accuracy, power and security for the « makers » and the school environment.


• Compact equipment with integrated high-pressure pump.
• Fixed table in working area 1050 x 750 mm.
• Cutting of soft materials with pure water (rubber, plastic materials, foam, leather…) and hard materials (metal, glass, stone, composites materials…) with abrasive option.
• High pressure pumps 4136 bars.
• Driving system with numerical control CN9000 ISO and CAM software with specific applications for water jet cutting.
• 2D cutting head.
• Machine completely closed, can be operated safely even in school environment or general public.


X-axis travels in mm : 1050
Y-axis travels in mm : 750
A-axis travels in mm (manual axis) : 50
Maximum dimensions of the plates in the tank in mm : 1200x1000
Overall length in mm : 1992
Overall width in mm (settling bowl not included) : 1968
Height in mm, closed cover / opened cover : 1750/2440
Weight in kg empty tank (about) : 1200